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Learning objectives
By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
• Describe some common expectations about dating and relationships
• Explain their opinion about some of these expectations
• Explain that not all expectations need to be met
• Name one source of help and advice on relationships

• Paper and pens for each group to record discussion
• Flipchart or chalkboard

Refer to the working agreement.
Check that the group understands what expectations are.
Introduce the topic.

1. Ask small single-sex groups (4-5 in each group) to discuss:
• What do boys expect from a girl on a date?
• What do girls expect from a boy on a date?
(10 minutes)

2. Let each group give their answers.
The answers could be combined in a large grid:

Girls’ answers Boys’ answers
What do boys expect from a girl on a date?
What do girls expect from a boy on a date?

(Adapt the grid for a single sex group.)
(10-15 minutes)

3. Discuss afterwards:
• Are the expectations of the girls and boys the same?
• If they are different, why?
• What do you think of these expectations?
• What happens if we don’t live up to these expectations?
• What other expectations are there about relationships? (Include expectations about having a relationship with the opposite sex.)
• How do we deal with other people’s expectations? How can we tell someone when we don’t want to follow their expectations?
(10 minutes)

4. Ask everyone to get into pairs or threes, and discuss:
• Who can you talk to about relationships? Where can you get good advice?

5. Take a few answers in the full group.
(5 minutes)

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