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Thurtinkle's Telling Talesthurtinkle's magical storybox

"hugely enjoyable...clearly pleasing" - Time Out

Thurtinkle is a much-loved storyteller from the Land of the Big Noses, who lives in a very tiny house. When his friend Rachel comes to visit, he opens his Magical Storybox - full to the brim with Folk and Fairy tales that delight and fascinate children.

This highly visual production include live performance, rod and glove puppets, shadows, marionettes, live music & audience participation.

Thurtinkle's Telling Tales is the original show that launched the company alongside DNA Cabaret. This production is modular and can be of any length from 15 to 75 minutes long. With no technical requirements, it is also our most versatile show, and can be played in parks, on the street, in shopping centres, arts centres and theatres.

I'm on the telly!

click here for Thurtinkle's Scrapbook

Occasionally, when Thurtinkle's regular puppeteer Adam Bennett was unavailable, Alex Martin (pictured) would step in and 'lend a hand'. A notorious tour of Ireland resulted in Alex and a heavily pregnant Rachel being terrified by sheep in a remote Irish shepherd's hut... in a bog!

Family workshop

A special workshop for 6-11 years to extend their participation, and aid audience3 development and family learning.

The Thurtinkle workshops involve the children making fairy and goblin themed simple rod puppets out of card, tissue and sticks.

They decorate them in their own style using cellophane, sticky coloured plastic, feathers, ribbons and trimmings. Magic Wands, Wizards, Elves and Pixies, the possibilities are endless!

They get to try out their creations on the actual stage set, in pairs, performing magical spells as the others applaud.

Up to 25 children per workshop will be happily engaged for 45 minutes.

Booking Details

Ages Suitable for all over 4 years
Running time 1 hour
Suitable venues Anywhere
Availability by negotiation


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