Puss in Boots requires lighting rig and sound system (with CD player or minidisc player) to be supplied by the venue.

1. LIGHTING We require a general lighting state focussed downstage centre 4 meters wide and 5 meters deep. Also blue backlighting and 5 specials focussed centre stage with one extra special focussed downstage left.

2. SOUND. The venue technician(s) will operate both lighting and sound cues off a detailed script with cues clearly marked.

Here is a top view of the stage layout.

And here is a side view

the props box placed behind is not shown on the side view. full depth is 5 meters.

SPECIALS: 1. Profile focussed on the area above the playboard.
2. Area from downstage edge of the set to just below the playboard.
3. Profile focussed on the area below the playboard and the d/s platform
4. Profile on a shallow angle focussed on the mouse band.
5. Blue special (same colour as backlighitng) on a steep angle focussed from above the upstage trapdoor to the downstage edge of the set.

Note: The majority of the show happens downstage of the upstage platform. We will need the lighting to extend out beyond the set for about 1m either side and 1m downstage.

If there are any questions, please phone Adam Bennett on 07968 494 094.