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Ideally staged in the round, the audience is led in by front of house and performers to sit on mats on four side around an empty space about 4m by 4m. The company is supplying the mats and the venue will be asked to provide at least 32 chairs to help enclose the space.

Items for the show will be stowed outside of this space, ideally behind the rows of chairs, and the performers will be bringing things into the playing space throughout the performance.

For a description of lighting states and lanterns with colours, click here.

For a cue sheet, click here. Sound is on CD, and ideally the speakers should be pointed at the stage area from all four sides.

DNA will require the venue technician to operate lighting and sound.

Towards the end of the session, the audience is encouraged to take part in a number of different play activities. The company will liaise with the venue as to the appropriate area of the venue for these activities to take place.

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