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Around the World with Thurtinkle

"captures the often elusive attention of children...a series of beautiful string and rod figures and props. This low key but admirable entertainment absorbs them completely" - Time Out

Join Thurtinkle, just returned from his holiday around the world! Back at his tiny house, he meets his old friend Rachel, and together they tell many enchanting stories of faraway lands.

Meet the Peacock Who Was Too Proud, in a tale from India, the Dream Time animals from Aboriginal Australia (with the Kookaburra, the Long-Necked Tortoise and the Carpet Snake) and a young boy and girl from Brazil in a colourful and dramatic tale which tells the story of night and day.

This show incorporates a wide range of styles of performance and puppetry techniques. The stories are creation myths from India, Brazil and Australia.

Workshop Information

A workshop in puppetry styles and creation mythology can accompany this show.

Booking Information

Ages Suitable for over fours
Running time 45 minutes
Suitable venues Ideal for theatres and schools
Availability By negotiation


Reviewed by Ronnie Haydon in Time Out

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