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ATISHOO! requires a flat floor

of minimum 5m width by 6m depth

(extra depth improves the performance

as there is back projection from an

'old school' Overhead projector -optical,

not digital).

ESSENTIAL to be supplied by venue is a lighting rig above the playing space of at least 4m height and a secure fixing point for the show at a height of 3 meters - usually a lighting bar dropped vertically downwards from the rig. This fixing point is on the centre line about 2.5m back from the front of the playing space. ALSO ESSENTIAL to be supplied by the venue is at least 10 stage weights. Show crew will rig four vertical lines in each corner of a central 5m by 5m square in the centre of the space, held taught by stage weights.
Two rigging lines run diagonally upstage from the 3m high central fixing point to the back two vertical lines. Lines are run across the front, back and sides from the vertical lines at 3m height to create a square of rigging points for lightweight hanging of various set dressings. Also flown from the rig are: 1.) a dimmable domestic bulb in a shperical paper lampshade 2.) two horizontal bars with white and coloured paper spheres.

For the stringing rig to work the lines have to be kept VERY taught. If it is possible to fix the vertical lines to the floor by actually screwing a hook or loop to the floor, this is a preferred option.


A variety of colour washes are required: open/warm, red, blue, and green/gold forest breakup(downstage only)

SOUND: CD or MP3 playback. A single continuous musical soundtrack from a cue point 4 minutes into the show until the end.

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